Posted on June 1, 2012 by vicki

May was a pretty busy month, so here are the highlights:

  1. Another trip to England. Rodney had a meeting in Swanley, while I met with an old professor of mine who now lives in Oxford. Then Rodney and I met in London and saw the Damian Hirst exhibit at the Tate Modern (interesting) and watched his friend Matt play an Aussie rules game before getting the Eurostar back home.

  2. We cycled to Delft in the Netherlands with a friend of mine (her first bike trip), camping overnight just beyond the Dutch border. We were joined in Delft by three other friends and did a half marathon in Leiden before taking the train back to Leuven.

  3. Rodney’s brother Chris and his girlfriend visited us for a day last week, coming from Paris on the Eurostar. They’re having a nice holiday in Europe and it was good to see them.

  4. Had my Dad and Linda arrive last week. We gave them a quick tour of Leuven, then I escorted them on the trains to pick up a campervan in a town just east of Amsterdam. After returning to Leuven to stock up and get organised, we waved them off (laden down with Belgian beer) on a month-long drive through several countries.

  5. A fair bit of work on Rodney’s part (he has a few projects to do) and study on mine (lots of assignments and exams in a fortnight or so).

  6. We also booked our flights home, and will be flying out of Istanbul (the tentative plan at the moment is to cycle there from Vienna) in mid-September.

We have had beautiful warm sunny weather in the mid to high 20s for the past two weeks. It is so nice to wear shorts again!