Posted on September 22, 2011 by vicki
Tags: belgium

Having enjoyed travelling in France so much we’ve started taking French classes one night per week. Plus we’ve made friends with a bunch of French-speaking people and have no idea what they are saying about us.

The classes are taught by the same complete immersion method as our Dutch course - no English allowed! The teacher doesn’t even slow down, just keeps talking at you until you answer correctly or someone else bails you out. It can be pretty overwhelming to start with but very effective.

Two thoughts so far: 1. The French would save a lot of time if they only wrote the letters that they pronounced. 2. I am fairly certain I will never be able to roll my Rs.

We start level two of Dutch in just over a week and will have four classes per week. I know they are completely different languages but I still think I’m going to mix them up!