Posted on November 12, 2007 by rodney
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I have a number of friends who have gone travelling and then taken the time to write about what happened and what they saw.

This is more difficult than it sounds, because often there isn’t much spare time in a hectic holiday schedule. The contiki bus doesn’t wait for you to finish your blog entry. Sometimes when you have the spare time you also have the most vicious hangover in the world. Then consider the paucity of usable and inexpensive internet access (if you would ever like some simple reasons for why not to use MS windows, then use a public computer), the hot and cramped conditions inside an internet cafe, the grimy keyboards with all the keys in the wrong place. These are not the right places to get writers’ block, when the € meter is ticking down.

Perhaps there is a computer at the hostel. If it works at all, usually they charge an extortionate amount to use it. Amazingly, internet access through WiFi is usually free! This is one of the great injustices. It simply rewards the antisocial nerds who bring a laptop with them on holiday ((OK I admit to using a laptop in the Berlin hostel)) and use it to download Dodgeball II with bittorrent and send virtual drinks to their old school mates on facebook.

Anyway the lack of time and good internet facilities are two of the reasons I never blogged while on tour. However the following authors have beaten the odds and managed to type something in before the time ran out at the internet cafe, and most of it is quite good, probably better than anything you will read here.

Selina Peng went on exchange to Montreal, toured Europe, and visited the subcontinent. She has two blogs: selinastrip and Selina’s Travel Blog. Both blogs are action packed and hilarious.

Stu, Adam, and Mish went to Europe, did a contiki tour or two. A little bit sparse but I suppose this is because they needed quality time to appreciate the sights and culture, etc. Stu and Adam went soft and quit early leaving Mish holding the flame. The result of this is a couple entries of Michelle’s irresistibly innocent prose. Top stuff!

An anonymous friend of mine kept this blog while living in Chicago. This author knows how to holiday properly.

Daniel Hutchinson has written prolifically about his time on student exchange in Montreal, holidaying in Europe, around America, New Zealand. This sparkling travelblog is in my opinion the standout. It’s well written, his confident style is amusing, there are great stories, and lots and lots of photos.

Finally, Kev Leong documented his Europe travels in the way only Kevin can. The poses are gold, and if you don’t have time to read all the text, maybe just look at the Ibiza and Karps entries. Worth a look.

You can find these links on the side of the main page of my blog. So if nothing interesting’s happening here, give them a click. If you have a travel blog and I haven’t mentioned it, please drop a comment and I’ll link it in.