Posted on November 5, 2012 by rodney
Tags: bike

Thankfully this is the final post in my little blog series on helmet craziness.

There are still a lot of people who have expended much more effort than I getting agitated about the issue. I know four blog posts is a bit much to devote to this but I felt the need to outline my rationale in response to the shouting.

I think things would be a lot easier if they never put in the mandatory helmet law in the first place. But now it’s here, it’s probably not worth the effort to try and change it.

Actually it’s perfectly possible to ride your bike without a helmet around the cycle ways, and quite unlikely that you will get fined. If enough people do this, it will make the law look stupid.

In the end you’re responsible for your own safety, not the government or the police. They seem to have other priorities. In fact, even if you get hit by a car and injured, the police aren’t interested in coming around to help or investigate the case.

Hopefully, the hysteria will subside. In the mean time, I will continue doing what I like, not what the group mentality demands.