Posted on October 31, 2012 by rodney
Tags: bike

In my previous post, I observed unthinking head injury paranoia amongst cyclists on the busy freeway PSP.

There are of course many situations where concern for your skull is justified, such as cycle racing and cycling on the road. Actually most people have come to the conclusion that riding on roads with cars is mortally dangerous – helmet or not – and that is probably why the majority don’t cycle.

You would have to be stupid to ride your bike on roads. It is moderately enjoyable to cycle but the risks are great. I believe the reason why so many defy rationality is that they think it could be better if only more people cycled and less people drove killing machines. They think they are at the vanguard of some movement to improve transportation for all.

I also like to think I’m part of the vanguard. But I know it’s irrational. That’s why I don’t appreciate being reasoned with (or simply shouted at) about helmets by the very people who are already taking such stupid risks.