Posted on May 5, 2011 by rodney
Tags: england, tour

27/4/2011 65km Depart: 9AM Arrive: 8PM

This morning we took the Canterbury to Dover cycle route which is different to NR-1 in that it is well-signed, starts in a nice place, ends in a nice place, and goes a nice way through other nice places. You can see the map below.

The weather has been getting steadily colder since the stinking hot days in London when we arrived. Unfortunately, on this morning it was cool enough to limit our abilities to appreciate the nice scenery such as hedges, bridges, spring lambs, stone churches, etc.

We descended into Dover about 1PM and got the next ferry to Dunkerque. At about 4PM we disembarked with the cars and trucks, cycling on the right hand side of the road. First thing we noticed was that it was fairly cold because we were near the sea. Second thing we noticed was lots of big dual-carriageway roads and roundabouts. Third thing we noticed was a lack of civilization in any direction, even “Autres Diretions” as marked on the roundabouts. In fact, the quaint and historical port town of Dunkerque was about 15km north of the ferry terminal.

We got to the camping about 8PM after picking up some supplies for dinner and were fairly glad to get into our warm tent and start tea cooking on the stove.