Posted on July 7, 2008 by rodney
Tags: tour

Ah weather.

Woke up and it was raining, so naturally, stayed in bed until it stopped. Hit the hypermarket for food, then munched my food and caught up the last 4 days’ entries in my Tagenbuch. By 12:03 I was ready to leave. All the other cycle tourers at camping had left. The weather was OK but cloudy.

Krems is the beginning of the hills by the Donau. There are some really pretty riverside villages and vineyards in this region. Many restaurants, cafes, and wine cellars in the cobbled lanes. I believe some of the villages were established by the Romans for the purpose of enhancing the empire’s tourism sector.

I had to shelter from the rain twice. Once in the entrance of a wine cellar with garlic fumes wafting out, the second time in a bus shelter where I made my lunch. A Dutch cyclist showed up as well and we had a chat. He had come from Holland and was on his way to the Dead Sea, where the Donau ends (didn’t know that actually), then to Istanbul. He was 50, had done quite a few solo bike tours, his first was to Paris when he was 16 – on a 3 gear bike with one bag; others such as that Holland to Spain pilgrimage, and one tour in Indonesia. He is still in one piece so that’s a good sign.

Crossed a big bridge with a big crosswind and landed in Melk. Enjoyed the symmetry of this name, set up tent, but couldn’t go out because it started pouring with rain.

Dep 12:00, arr 4:15, dst 41km.

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