Posted on June 30, 2008 by rodney
Tags: tour

No GPS track log today. The GPS was still stuck on the compass screen and the battery was slowly running flat. This was quite depressing for me, I’m not sure why.

Cloudy weather in the morning so I was sluggish getting away. I even considered not going anywhere this day but then I realized I would have to stay in Hustopece.

Lots of vine yards in this region, as well as the usual corn, wheat, sunflowers, poppies. I wish I could get my photos up, it’s just a challenge to find a decent cheap internet cafe to do this from.

Went to Breclav and had a look at the campsite. It was rubbish so I had a look around the town and went shopping. The town was quite nice – a river, big old palace type buildings, nice cycle lanes inside the town. At the shop I bought some Czech delicasies to bring to Austria as gifts – A bottle of Kofola, a big bar of Studentska chocolate, and some obscure beer.

Went back to Lednica and found a minicamping there in a vineyard, next to the lake. Relaxed there for the afternoon as it was quite hot. The owners of the vineyard were shaking overripe cherries out of the cherry trees – perhaps for wine or jam I don’t know. A thunderstorm passed by in the evening but only a little rain. Drank the Kofola and ate the Studentska by accident.

Dep 10:30, arr 3:15, dst 52km.

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