Posted on June 29, 2008 by rodney
Tags: tour

Mostly sunny day and, rose early, left after condensation dried off the tent. No breakfast because shop closed at 11AM yesterday morning. A decent hill out of Sloup to warm up with, then downhill pretty much all the way to Brno. The route went through a quite touristy area, with lots of cyclists, hikers, people visiting the caves. A lot of road through the forest, and closed to vehicles. Did I mention all downhill? Went to Blansko again in search of breakfast, the best I could manage was some cake from the Cukrana. Interesting old dilapidated factories in the the forest… nature taking back from industry, etc. Had a nice pasta and chicken salad and Kofola in Bilovice, a town above Brno, then mostly dirt tracks into Brno. Still downhill by the way.

My Locosys BGT-31 GPS froze up when I reached the outside of the centre of Brno. A software problem I think. Just when I would have liked to use the breadcrumb feature to get out of the city the same way I came in. So the track on the map stops sometime before this because the GPS stopped logging. My brief impression of Brno was that it wasn’t especially fantastic. Coolest thing for me was hearing a drummer practicing in an old factory next to the river, and the free internet in the tourist information office (so I could e-mail Locosys).

The bicycle paths to the north of Brno weren’t very good, but the ones to the south were high quality, though the country side wasn’t very interesting. My only problem was the plague of rollerbladers. What a ridiculous occupation. Went past a RC car race track and watched them for a little while. Got lost and cut through a sunflower field by accident, then found the Rajh – Rajhradice that is.

More flat farmland, then I saw a big hill sticking out of the ground. I think this marked the beginning of the wine growing region. Spent a while looking around Hustopece for the camp site… eventually found it next to the sports stadium. Hate to be harsh but Hustopece is a bit of a hole – with regards to altitude, and otherwise.

Watched the Europe cup final in the restaurant at the camping. Everyone was going for Spain.

BTW there are two 10-yo kids or smaller next to me in this internet cafe smoking ciggies, playing World of Warcraft, and swearing in German. I think they are definitely too young for WoW.

Dst 100km, dep 9:00 Arr 7:15.

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