Posted on June 27, 2008 by rodney
Tags: tour

Exiting Olomouc for real this time. Well, after returning to the hostel after realizing I had left my mobile phone under the pillow in the dorm. The zen buddhist receptionist asked me, “Rodney, now are you sure you have remembered everything?”

Took a different way to yesterday, can’t really be bothered copying out my descriptions of the surroundings but they can be summarised as Europe, agriculture, forest, villages, summer.

Got to a river and started to enter this inviting looking forest, as it was quite hot and I didn’t have much water left. At the base of a small hill I met a cyclist and we stopped and he said warning it is all up hill for the next 7km. Good luck. True that, it was all uphill for the next 7kms. This is reading like a bit like a Celtic myth. Anyway, got to the top eventually, and it was good. Then came down as that’s what happens after going up – into a really nice camping ground on the edge of Sloup.

Dep 8:30, arr 4:00, dst 71km

Later I’ll have to give my definition of a nice campsite.

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