Posted on June 26, 2008 by rodney
Tags: tour

Turned back to Olomouc due to perceived mechanical fault.

I got a flat tire in the pine forest, patched it, and had a look at the rim. Saw a crack across the rim of the front wheel, didn’t see it on the rear wheel. Panicked and carefully rode back to Olomouc since I prefer round wheels to any other shape. This was the morning after I had written a list of all the heavy junk I had brought with me. Anyway man at bike shop pointed out to me that this is completely normal, and on second inspection I found the same crack on the back rim – it’s the seam joining the piece of metal back to itself. Felt a bit stupid after that.

This time stayed at the “Poet’s Corner” hostel. I had my reservations about the pretentious name but in all other respects it’s a faultless hostel. It is run by an Australian, the receptionist was calm like a buddhist monk, the other guests were friendly. However for undisclosed reasons I don’t like it.

Left for camping early the next morning.

Dep 9:00, arr 2:30, dst 62km.

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