Posted on November 14, 2007 by rodney
Tags: tour

I know this nice Polish guy from work who has been known to say “Do you see a tank?” while pointing to his eye. It’s supposed to mean something similar to “My heart bleeds,” “Cry me a river,” or “See this? It’s the world’s smallest violin…”

Well I have verified with an actual Polish person living in Poland that this is indeed a saying that they use while pointing to their eye. The word “tank” refers to this kind of tank:

(photo taken in some small town in Poland near the German border)

Apparently tanks are quite a popular war monument here. Also in Ukraine, based on some photos I saw. For me it’s unusual but amusing. An English friend pointed out that perhaps these type of memorials celebrate rather than comemmorate war.

Also in Germany I saw a number of these somewhat worrying signs on bridges.

However I never saw any panzers driving around anywhere. Only large mercedes. Perhaps they are just keeping their roads ready for the next time it’s necessary to conquer Europe?