Posted on October 31, 2017 by rodney
Tags: nerd, nix

On the second day of NixOS hackathon I had high hopes of helping with the effort to document all the nixpkgs library functions. Unfortunately due to lack of focus on a single thing, and general fatigue, this didn’t succeed.

Nonetheless, it was a fun and informative day for me, and I was lucky to talk to many nice people and learn from them.

Overall my impressions of the NixOS Conference 2017 are extremely positive. The people I met were warm and generous, humble, yet obviously extremely smart and capable in their profession. Based on what I have learned, I am even more confident in the ongoing success of this project and its suitability in many applications.

Other highlights:

  • The venues, and that the event was sponsored, yet extremely valuable.
  • Good presentations
    • The various NixOS in production talks in the second half of the Sunday programme, all four of them.
    • Eelco Dolstra’s demo of Nix 1.12.
    • Nicolas B. Pierron’s talk on Nixpkgs overlays.
  • Chatting with many Haskell developers, unfortunately no longer feeling like the only gay in the village.
  • Visiting the Chaos Computer Club (Munich) hack space, constructed from pure awesometonium. Seeing this place makes starkly clear the tech and cultural poverty of my upbringing.