Posted on December 11, 2015

It’s getting out of hand. I’m reading too much pointless rubbish online. The news especially. It’s the same disaster scandal politics over and over and knowing it leaves me none the wiser.

Someone likened reading little articles here and there online to munching on sugary snacks. It tastes good but leaves you unnourished and feeling slightly crook if you eat the whole pack of choc biscuits. Better to find something substantial like a journal article or a book, take it all in, and learn something decent.

There was a suggestion putting what good worthwhile articles are found online in a list to read later, not now when there are important things to be done.

I am going to do that and more. From now on, every article that I read online, I will summarize and add my thoughts. This will be a private document because I can’t see why it would be generally interesting. The idea is that the burden of comprehending and thinking about something will be enough to deter me from browsing worthless things.

I will probably track this in an org-mode file which will allow me to get stats on the number of things read and whether I have actually made a summary of it.