Posted on October 20, 2012 by rodney
Tags: bike

Vicki and I went out for a ride around the rivers this morning. It was beautiful as usual and we made pretty good time.

I had to spin on just 5 gears because my front gear cable snapped during the week. This meant using small chain-ring only and not the 2 smallest at the back because the chain would rub on the front derailleur. Also the biggest gear on the inside at the back was unavailable because my rear derailleur seems to be hopelessly bent and wobbly.

Vicki looked pretty relaxed on her flash carbon-fibre speed machine which was still glowing from the loving attention applied to it by a professional bike mechanic.

Around Curtin uni we passed a thousands long mass of cyclists slowly wobbling to their destination, riding to conquer cancer.

In East Fremantle just after the bridge I heard that dreaded hissing noise coming from my rear tyre. So we stopped and I took out the wheel. The tyre was kind of worn and had a few bald spots which I was aware of and kind of intended to replace it when I could be bothered. The hissing was coming out of one of the bald spots and would stop when you put your finger on it. A cool guy with dreadlocks and tattooes rode past and asked if we were alright and I sort of half snarled at him and said no thanks. But anyway after losing about half of its air the tyre seemed to stay more or less firm, so I put it back in and it lasted the 15km home.

After the ride, we had much-appreciated cappucino at Denadas and then left-over pizza for breakfast.