Posted on July 15, 2011 by rodney
Tags: france, tour

Friday 15/7/2011 32km dep. 6:15AM arr. 11:53PM

Well finally we are back to the civilised world, i.e. where it’s possible to get internet for updating your blog. We had about 10 posts saved up and now they have been set free, so please enjoy…

We are now sitting in a cafe in Toulouse. The coffee isn’t that nice but the internet is really really fast.

This morning we got up in the dark and packed up our tent and loaded the bikes. I accidentally made a bit too much noise next to the tent of those who were still banging in their pegs after 10PM last night, sorry about that. It was just getting light as we left.

The campsite was pleasant, yet another one next to a river, nice grass, trees, cheerful old manager, inexpensive, clean toilets… what more could we want, apart from less rain?

Luckily it wasn’t raining and wasn’t too cold this morning. We rode into Tarbes, downhill pretty much the whole way, cruising at 30km/h plus, which is quite unusual for us. Then we took the train to Toulouse.

I was looking out the window… watching the classic southern France scenery roll past… farms, hay bales, sunflowers, villages with stone house. There are also heaps of eagles/hawks (not sure which) around here. It’s a real shame we couldn’t spend more time here.

This afternoon we’re going to Paris again, then on to Belgium. So it’s getting near the end of our tour unfortunately. Before we go we will write a blog about the tour de france on col du tourmalet. In summary, it was very cool!

So bye for now…