Posted on April 28, 2011 by vicki

This first post comes from Dunkerque on the north coast of France. It’s pretty chilly here, a big change from the hot weather we enjoyed in London! Getting out of London was a bit tricky on the bikes - we followed one of the national cycle networks and whoever designed it had a sense of humour! It followed the Thames most of the way, through various alleys but also took us by a rubbish tip and through a swamp. The countryside was beautiful once we got out of the city, with lots of wildflowers everywhere. We spent the first two nights in Rochester and Canterbury, both nice historic English towns. There are signs and posters for the royal wedding everywhere, but I think people are mainly excited about the day off.

France is nice apart from the weather at this time and the food we have had so far was really yummy. London was stinking hot. We saw a few of the sights (pretty much the Monopoly board tour). We were laughing at all the snow white poms getting sunburnt out in the parks until we noticed that we also got sunburnt. Rodney got the Perth strain of gastro from someone on the plane and kept everyone in the hostel dorm awake all night except for me.

Tomorrow we are catching a train to Strasbourg, and then another on to Munich. Hope you are all well.

P.S. No wedding photos yet for those asking!