Posted on July 21, 2008 by rodney
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Reached the start of the Tauernradweg today (was doing it in the wrong direction), got rained on at the Krimml wasserfall, and the best spent €3.80 ever.

It was a slightly rainy morning; the highlight was passing the valley entrance to a national park. At this point the sun came out ever so teasingly.

Got stuck for several minutes at an electric cattle gate, pondering how to get through without getting zapped. I supposed beast or human would get zapped if it connected the circuit between the two sides of the gate… but then again they had insulators over the ends… what if one made a circuit between ground and gate? Ended up using the bike wheel to push it open.

The last climb up to the Kriml waterfall was on a gravel track through the forest. I was pretty slow on the climb, not sure why. During a break I had a proper look at the map to see where to go after Krimml. And I realised the pass towards Innsbruck was 1600m – another 400m on top of the rather pathetic 200m I had just done.

It was 3:30 and just as I saw the waterfall and was getting out my camera, it started raining cats and dogs. So I stood under the Tauernradweg start point shelter for a while feeling quite helpless, wondering whether to attempt the pass in the rain or go back down to camping in Lahn.

But I visited the tourist information office in Krimml town and found there would be a bus to Königsleiten, the top of Gerlospass at 4:20. So I got on the bus with bike and tried to hold on as the driver flogged it around the hairpins up the pass. Beautiful views of the waterfall.

Got dropped off and the bus driver flogged away in another direction. I was a bit disoriented and left off down where we came from. The big blue road signs aroused my suspicions however and I corrected my bearing, passed back over the top of the hill, and began my descent.

Really nice views flashing past, but the rain stung my face and eyes. Also it was quite cold up there and my hands and legs and nose were cold and wet. If it wasn’t for the spectacular lake and valley panoramas I would be quite miserable. The road flattened out at about 1200m and I passed through some rubbish ski resort towns. Then, just before the day’s final descent I got a great look at the towns spread out over the valley. I’m afraid my photography doesn’t do it justice but here is the picture anyway:

Reached another ski resort town of Zell am Ziller, saw a camping sign, and took it. Unfortunately it was one of those expensive 4-star campings: open winter and summer, almost fully occupied, swimming pool, restaurant, things for the kids to do, etc. And they are usually laid out for the convenience of caravanners, which means the muddy debris-strewn remains of lawn on an awkward slope for me to put my tent.

At least the showers were hot… but I forgot to bring my towel and had to dry myself with my undies. No worries. Even though I wussed out and took the bus, I felt another section of the tour was complete.

Dep 10:00, arr 5:45, dst 98km.

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Took the bus from Krimml (1100m) to Königsleiten, the top of Gerlospass (1600m).