Posted on July 16, 2008 by rodney
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Spent the day wandering around Salzburg. Woke up nice and early because I had picked the optimum position for my tent so that it would get the first sun in the campsite (this isn’t always successful for me). Coughed €7 and checked the castle. They don’t permit bikes on the cable car up the hill so I saved €3 by cycling/pushing/carrying my bike up. It is super awesome weather, no clouds at all, so the view from the tower of the alps, etc, was pretty good.

I’m about fed up with stinking net cafes. This one’s drinks fridge just blew up and is spewing black smoke. Also I have reason to believe the money I pay to net cafes is financing terrorism. Speaking of which there are always noisy computer illiterate Americans going in and out trying to work out how to get an @ symbol. So about a week ago I decided to get a Nokia N800 Internet tablet, on the condition that it reads SD cards, weighs less than 250g, and costs about €200. This device isn’t a phone, it is a very small Linux computer that can browse the web in wifi hotspots.

So yesterday I did some research and found it met the first two criteria, not sure about the third, so I today I got on the bike and went to the three places in Salzburg listed on that sell the N-series gadgets. None of them had any. Media Markt had the cool little Asus EeePC, but it’s 900g and too big.

But anyway it was a nice day for visiting edge of town shopping malls. The cycleways in Salzburg are pretty good… better than Vienna and Linz. There was actually a signposted route – Europarkradweg – which took you from the zentrum to the shopping mall, and was pretty scenic. And the Europark had a nice big bicycle parking area with a security guard watching.

Made lunch in some garden and watched a team of gardeners out in the sun, navigating their lawn mowers around the delicate lines of flowerbeds. Rest of the day just cruising around taking photos of big old looking things.

Read older blog entries and realized they are quite dull.

Have decided on a route after the Taurnradweg. This route stops near the waterfall in Krimml at about 1100m. I’m not sure if there is a good route to Innsbruck, couldn’t find any cycle route maps, but probably there is a way… this is Austria.

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