Posted on June 23, 2008 by rodney
Tags: tour

Woken up by big raindrops, then a thunderstorm, but it cleared up after a while. At the time I thought this was miraculous, but I have since become accustomed to the occasional short thunder storm. It seems to be what the weather is like here. In fact there was another one at 2PM, and really heavy rain, so I stood under the eaves of a house and ate a yoghurt while it passed. Afterwards the roads were steaming. Went to Dolni Businov looking for a supposed camp site, but it wasn’t there, so drank a Kofola and continued to Mohelnice. Unfortunately I had to cut across a quite steep hill – a rocky walking track to get there. Nice downhill all the way to camp in Mohelnice.

Dep 10:30, arr 7:30, dst 99km.

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