Posted on June 15, 2008 by rodney
Tags: tour

Yes, last year’s Bike Tour! I spent a while clicking with Google maps to make this. Ah sweet reminiscenses. Unfortunately, I lost interest at Strasbourg, so most stops when cycling from there to Hamburg aren’t present. I would also like to copy out my Tagenbuch but it’s too much effort and I might have to censor a bit, given the audience.

All up I think it was more than 3700km. Three train legs, one big ferry journey, lots of little ones in Belgium and The Netherlands, the rest cycling – well except when I was pushing the bike up the hill – and perhaps that happened too often. The best was Luxembourg (the whole country, not only the city), easiest – The Netherlands, most difficult – Poland, fastest and biggest supermarkets – Germany, scariest locals – Greenwich UK, friendliest – a three-way tie of Belgium, Holland, and Germany, smelliest and most uncivilised – well France of course!