Posted on November 18, 2007 by rodney
Tags: wrocław

Here is something I think you’ll like. I’d never seen anything like it until I visited a Czech themed pub in Wrocław.

It’s a 5L vessel for beer and it has its own tap down the bottom (not visible in photo). Apparently they are also quite common in Poland but I’ve never seen it.

Also very popular is warm beer (grzane piwo) with cloves and raspberry syrup mixed in and hot red wine with cinamon (grzaniec). The warm beer isn’t that good but the wine is heavenly and you get drunk really quickly off it. The beer is served in regular pint glasses but with a straw so you don’t eat the cloves. The wine is served in ceramic mugs which reminded me of sake cups but bigger. Considering the weather it’s no wonder they are popular.