Posted on November 10, 2007 by rodney
Tags: blog

Hello and welcome to europeblog, the imaginatively named successor to the popular and well regarded ((amongst my direct family)) Americablog.

I am writing this from Wrocław, Poland, where I now live. I got here from London on a bicycle, so I intend to say a few words about that and maybe put a few photos for those of you who can’t read. My main occupation while I’m here is learning the Polish language, working on free software for the GNOME project, looking around, and having a little fun. So hopefully this will provide some interesting material for a couple of blog entries.

Some of you may have been promised numerous detailed travel stories, posted frequently, in a timely fashion. Obviously I didn’t keep this promise – since the day I left Perth (12th July 2007), there have been 0 blog entries. However the drought has been broken by this post and you can be assurred that a chunky stream of posts will spew forth from this day on.

If you are able to write a literate and well thought out comment then please feel free to do so. Otherwise, your inane ramblings, streams of conscienceness, anonymous slaggings, or other attempts at humour are also welcome in the comments box. I might even buy you a virtual drink on Facebook in return.

Until next time,